Our elite tutors will teach your kid to code in small, interactive classes.



Our elite tutors will teach your kid to code in small, interactive classes.

What is RocketHour?

Live Instruction

Rocket Hour is taught LIVE by rockstar tutors. None of this prerecorded nonsense. We know you need us there to help you out in REAL TIME when you need a spot of guidance, inspiration or a lame joke.

Regular Online Lessons

Rocket Hour is an online extra mural. Lessons take place in regular, weekly slots to allow you to grow, step by step, into a coding superhero.

Small Groups

Zoomed out? This ain’t no mass webinar. Rocket Hour classes are inspiring SMALL GROUP experiences.  We hear your voice, we see your screen, we are here to help you just when you need it.

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Daniel loved the Beginner Coding online module. He was completely engaged in the process and was guided by the tutor whenever he was unsure of how to proceed. He can't wait to continue. The entire process of registration through to completion of the course was seamless and so professional. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

Cathleen Van EedenRocketHour Parent

The RocketHour Programme

Programme Overview

The RocketHour Programme is a weekly extra-mural running over the full course of a year. The programme is made up of 40 hour-long lessons led by a tutor who is constantly monitoring the progress of the 6 to 8 student in the class. Multiple weekly timeslots are available, so fitting this into your child’s busy schedule is a piece of cake.

Teaching for Understanding

Every lesson is designed to teach a specific coding concept that can be applied universally to any coding language. Through this method, we foster a deep, conceptual understanding of code in our students. This approach is in line with how Computer Science and Software Engineering are taught at universities around the world.

The RocketHour Tracks

All potential RocketHour students are carefully assessed and placed in one of three tracks. These tracks are designed to best support your child at his or her current coding ability. This ensures that your child is suitably challenged, gains confidence and builds a firm coding foundation.


The monthly fee for the programme is R1250 which is paid in advance of each month. This is paid for 11 of the 12 calendar months with a payment holiday offered over the month of December. There is a 15% discount on the monthly payment for any additional siblings enrolled. Cancelations can be made at anytime, for any reason, with absolutely no associated costs or penalties.

The RocketHour Tracks

Essential Details for all Tracks

Age Ranges – 9 to 15 years old

Available Days – Monday to Thursday

Available Daily Timeslots – 3:00pm, 4:15pm, 5:30pm (All SAST)

Lesson Duration – 60 minutes

Programme Duration –  40 lessons over 12 months (Except for Taster Month)

Monthly Fee – R1250 (R1050 for each additional sibling) – Paid over 11 months

Next Intake – March 2022 – Reserve your spot now!

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Free 1-on-1 Starter Session

A free 50-minute introduction to meet a tutor and get a sense of the programme

Not sure where to start? This 100% free, no-commitments Starter Session will answer all your questions. During this 50-minute session, your child will work 1-on-1 with one of our all-star tutors. We will introduce your child to our platform, guide them through an introductory activity and get them slotted into the perfect class. There is no better way to find out what RocketHour is all about.

Upcoming Slots – January 2022 – Reserve your spot now!

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Taster Month

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Tracks

Ok, so you are new to coding and just want to get a taste of what this crazy cool world is all about. This trial month covers the first 4 lessons of any of our longer tracks. It should whet your appetite and give you a general overview of essential graphical coding and the incredible RocketHour system.

Platforms & Languages – MIT’s Scratch

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Beginner Track

For younger students or those with minimal prior coding experience.

So you wanna be a coder, do ya? Get the low down on loops, variables, sprites, if-statements and all the other bits ‘n bobs that allow you to start building games, apps and websites. This course takes you step by step through the basics, turning you into a coding ninja.

Platforms & Languages – MIT’s Scratch

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Intermediate Track

For slightly older students or those displaying an aptitude for code.

Great, so you think you know a thing or two about code? Let’s find out! This course super-charges your coding superpowers, taking you to the next level. We’ll learn all the regular jazz and then launch into coding apps and games in new languages. Time to become a well-rounded coding superstar.

Platforms & Languages – MIT’s Scratch & an intro to Python

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Advanced Track

For older students with existing coding experience or a very strong aptitude for code.

“Booooor-ing,” I hear you say. So you want a challenge, do ya buster? Ok, buckle up, this trip’s gonna get ROUGH! Let’s explore the basics and then dive deep into text-based languages. We’ll take the lid off the engine and get you used to building programs with multiple variables, advanced conditional logic and ideas so deep they’ll blow your socks off.

Platforms & Languages – MIT’s Scratch & LiveCode

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