GameMaker: Video Game Development with Construct 2

R1300 – R1400
Camp Duration
2 day / 16 hours
6 – 9
Key Skills
  • Storyline & Plot Development
  • Level Design
  • Game Logic & Coding

Forget Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong and Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s time for YOU to make the next big video game. In this two-day Think Camp, we dive deep and immerse ourselves in the creative world of 2D Game Development. We master the powerful game making platform Construct 2, and after camp ends we are fully equipped to continue the work at home.

Camp Overview

Great video games are stories. They captivate us and transport us to another world. In this two day Think Camp, we dive deep into the world of game design and become our own digital storytellers.

Construct 2 is a powerful 2D game making platform, powered by a popular HTML 5 engine. Students start this Think Camp by exploring the fundamental techniques of game design in Construct 2. We work through numerous exercises helping students master the platform and eventually breathe life into their very own creations.

This Think Camp is perfect for those who are excited by games and want to start publishing their very own games. The skills learned are transferable to other game-making platforms and are essential to any further work in either 2D or 3D game development.

What students will learn

  • Storyline and Plot Development – Heros and Villains. Settings and Characters. Tension and Resolution. Students learn the narrative theory that makes games exciting and immersive.
  • Level Design – The techniques and best practices around building game levels that keep players engaged.
  • Game Logic and Coding – Students work through the nuts and bolts of crafting game events. How do I make my player jump when the up arrow is tapped? What happens if my player is eaten by a monster? How does my player collect that star?

What Students Take Home

  • A signed Think Camp certificate
  • An understanding of Game Development
  • All elements and game files worked on
  • The free version of Constructor 2
  • New approaches to problem solving

What Camp Includes

  • Two passionate, professional instructors per camp
  • Small class sizes (16 – 24 students)
  • A dedicated computer per student
  • Friendly, supportive environment
  • Outdoor breaks and activities

Camp Requirements

  • No prior coding or game development experience is required
  • Prior experience working with a computer is highly recommended
  • Must be be in Grade 6 – 9 and should be able to cope at academic grade level
  • Please bring own lunch and snacks

Camp Schedule

Drop Off: Rolling drop-off occurs from 7:30am to 8:00am. Students who arrive during this time can explore “unplugged” games and activities.

Day Start: At 8:00am sharp the each day starts with a bang. Introductions are made and an overview of the day is given.

Core Learning Periods: Four core learning periods, each between one and two hours, make up the bulk of each day. Short whole group instruction periods are followed by carefully constructed challenges, projects and competitions – depending on the nature of the camp.

Breaks: Two outdoor break periods are held at 10:00am and 12:15pm.

Off screen learning: Screen-time is interspersed with short group activities which promote critical thinking and teamwork.

End of day 1: Students can be collected anytime between 3:00pm and 3:30pm. During this time, students also have the opportunity to show their parents what they have learnt during day 1. At 3:30pm, the day officially draws to a close and all students must be collected.

End of day 2: At 3:00pm all parents are encouraged to attend the certificate ceremony. The instructors give an overview of the whole course and certificates are handed out. Thereafter, students have time to show their parents the new skills they have learned. At 3:30pm, the camp officially draws to a close and all students must be collected.

Camp Dates and Venues

2020 Dates
Coming Soon