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Teach small groups of passionate students from the comfort of your own home



Teach small groups of passionate students from the comfort of your own home

Join an ABnormal Team

Joining RocketHour is NOT a normal job. We are an inspired startup: constantly moving, constantly improving, constantly asking ourselves, “How can we do things better?” We take our work seriously, yet playfully. And we have HUUUUUGE dreams.

We are a place for learners – for folks who value candid, constructive feedback. We are a place for jokers – for those who laugh easily. We are a place for educational nerds – for people looking to master the craft of teaching kids to code.

Wanna join us?

Why a RocketHour Tutor?

A Proven System

RocketHour tutors deliver meticulously crafted lessons that are built for success. As the ‘Formula One Drivers’ of online code education, we don’t expect you to build your own car.

Constant Support

Whether you are an experienced Computer Science Teacher or a University Student, we will support you in mastering our teaching system. Our culture of continual learning ensures that you are supported in improving your craft.

On your Terms

Create your own schedule and choose afternoon timeslots that work for you. Our classes run back-to-back and you teach from home, allowing you to maximise your productivity.

Join the A-Team

As a RocketHour Tutor, you are joining a close-knit team of extraordinary teachers. We live and breathe education and collectively, have decades of educational experience.

The Role & Requirements

Tutor Job Description

As a RocketHour Tutor, you lead groups of 5 – 7 students through a weekly online coding class. Through our specialist software, you are able to view and interact with all your students’ screens. This allows you to provide enthusiastic praise when they succeed and timely help when they are struggling.

Lessons are exactly 1-hour in duration and run daily from 15:00-16:00, 16:15-17:15 and 17:30-18:30 (All SAST). Tutors are encouraged to take either 2 or 3 lessons per day and to work 2-4 days per week.

Tutors furthermore engage in regular training sessions (both asynchronous and synchronous), provide frequent feedback on their students’ progress and participate in focused discussions to help improve the RocketHour programme.

Pay Range: R3, 000 – R14, 000 per month

Tutor Requirements

We are looking for folk who are as passionate about education as we are. In addition to the list of requirements below, it is imperative that you have a true commitment to mastering the art of teaching.

A highly reliable fibre internet connection

Experience in leading or teaching children

Mathematics for Matric

Must have completed Matric in 2019 or earlier

A love for solving analytical problems

VERY strong technological fluency

An exuberant, playful demeanour

An openness to take on constructive feedback

An expressive, articulate voice

Absolute fluency in English

How to Apply

OK, so you’re in? Excellent! We are going to need to jump through a number of very important hoops, but let’s start off slow. Your first port of call is a simple email to us with a little bit of your background and how you see yourself fitting in.

If you have an updated C.V. please do attach it, but if not, don’t delay until everything is perfect, drop us that mail right away. After you have mailed us, if you seem a likely match, we will send you a more comprehensive application form.

That’s it.

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