MakeCraft: 3D Modelling & Redstone Engineering with Minecraft

Single Ticket: R850 R750
2 or more tickets: R790 R690
Camp Duration
1 days / 7 – 8 hours
2 – 5

Minecraft is a world where your ideas can become reality. You can create towering sky-bridges stretching from one side of an ocean to another – anything is possible! In this camp, we will learn to design, plan and construct detailed creations in the world of Minecraft. We will explore 3D modelling, redstone circuitry and exciting mechanical contraptions while learning important design principles.

What will my Child Learn?

3D Modelling

Your child will learn to plan and build complex 3-Dimensional Structures according to predetermined plans in Minecraft. This is an essential prerequisite for later work with more Advanced 3D Modelling Software.

Redstone Engineering

Your child will learn to create “Digital Circuits” in Minecraft. They will build powered contraptions such as flying machines, TNT cannons, roller coasters, traps and timing circuits.

Essential Requirements for MakeCraft


What Should We Bring?

You will need to supply your child with lunch and snacks. There is nothing else needed.

What Should We Know?

Your child does NOT need any prior Minecraft or 3D Modelling experience. However, it is strongly recommended that they be familiar with a mouse and keyboard.
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What Happens in a Think Camp Day?

Day Start

Arrive at the venue anytime between 7:30am and 8:00am where you and your child will meet the Instructors and Tutors. Your child can get involved in off-screen, pre-camp activities where they will meet like-minded peers.

Day End

The day will end at 3:00pm. Between 3pm and 3:20pm, you and your family are invited to attend a short presentation followed by the certificate ceremony. Thereafter, you will get a chance to view the magnificent work your child has accomplished throughout the day.

Projects & Problems

We will explore new projects and problems throughout each day in 45 - 60 minute periods. You child will be part of a small group which will have its own tutor on hand to assist with any difficulties.

Games & Activities

We will take 2 long breaks during the day. There will also be a couple of shorter breaks where your child will take part in off-screen competitions and activities.

Select a Date & Venue

Wed, 25 March
Parktown Girls' High (Parkview, JHB)
Mon, 13 April
Brescia House (Bryanston, JHB)
Mon, 20 April
Roedean School (Houghton, JHB)
Mon, 27 April
St Andrew's (Bedfordview, JHB)
Next Dates
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