Mobile App Development with MIT App Inventor

R620 – R790
Camp Duration
1 day / 7 – 8 hours
6 – 9
Key Skills
  • App Layout Design
  • Element and UX Design
  • Graphical Coding and Logic

Discover the fascinating process of App Creation. Learn the design, coding and UX concepts needed to craft your own Android Applications – download them onto your device and continue the work at home.

Camp Overview

Everyone knows them, those mega Mobile Apps that are making their mark on history – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mobile Banking. But who says App Development is just for Silicon Valley Bigwigs?

On this Think Camp you will learn to design, create and code your very own Mobile Android application using MIT’s App Inventor. You will learn how to compile, download and then install your apps on your Android smartphone (or a Think Camp phone if you don’t have one).

We will start off small, with simple apps that respond to button presses…with some humorous results! And then, we work our way up to a simple guessing game with some nifty coding logic. If you love to plan, design, draw and code, this creative camp is for you!

What students will learn

  • Android Application Planning Process – How to create a wireframe of an application.
  • MIT App Inventor tips and tricks – the inner workings, that help you create, test and distribute your own Android Applications.
  • User Experience Design – the ways in which well planned apps can teach users how to interact with them.
  • Functional Visual Coding – the coding logic that breathes functionality into your app.

What Students Take Home

  • A signed Think Camp certificate
  • All the apps which have been created during the day as well as the backend code
  • New tech skills
  • New approaches to problem solving

What Camp Includes

  • Two passionate, professional instructors per camp
  • Small class sizes (16 – 24 students)
  • 1 computer per student
  • 1 android smartphone between 2 students
  • Friendly, supportive environment
  • Outdoor breaks and activities

Camp Requirements

  • No prior coding experience is required but basic IT skills are essential
  • Must be be in Grade 6 – 9 and should be able to cope at academic grade level
  • Please bring own lunch and snacks
  • Must have a personal Gmail account and password
  • Optional: Participants may bring their own Android Smartphone with MIT App Inventor app installed

About the day

Drop Off: Rolling drop-off occurs from 7:30am to 8:00am. Students who arrive during this time can explore “unplugged” games and activities.

Day Start: At 8:00am sharp the day starts with a bang. Introductions are made and an overview of the day is given.

Core Learning Periods: Four core learning periods, each between one and two hours, make up the bulk of the day. Short whole group instruction periods are followed by carefully constructed challenges, projects and competitions – depending on the nature of the camp.

Breaks: Two outdoor break periods are held at 10:00am and 12:15pm.

Off screen learning: Screen-time is interspersed with short group activities which promote critical thinking and teamwork.

End of the day: At 3:00pm all parents are encouraged to attend the certificate ceremony. The instructors give a short presentation of the day and certificates are handed out. Thereafter, students have time to show their parents the awesome work they have done. At 3:30pm, the camp officially draws to a close and all students must be collected.

Camp Dates and Venues

25 June
Parkview: Parktown Girls' High
Coming Soon!

*Camp sold out? Send us a mail to be added to the waitlist.