PyLab: Introduction to Python Programming

R690 – R750
Camp Duration
1 day / 7 – 8 hours
5 – 8
Key Skills
  • Introduction to text-based code
  • New Python functions
  • Sequencing and Compartmentalising code in Python

Instagram. Google. Spotify. Netflix. Uber. All built on Python. In this Think Camp we introduce students with existing coding knowledge to the powerful text-based language of Python through a course that is fun and engaging.

Camp Overview

Learning a text-based coding language is an important step on every coder’s journey. The Python language is designed to be powerful, yet easy to navigate, making it an excellent language for beginners. All skills learned on this course can be applied to other coding languages.

On this Think Camp, students are introduced to the fundamentals of Python. We start with simple problems that can be solved with no more than a couple of lines of code. Gradually, we work our way up to more challenging problems that require many more lines of code and the creation of our own, custom built coding functions.

We will explore Python’s use in a variety of contexts, including the use of the BBC Micro:bit – a hardware device that brings our code to life and allows students to explore the relationship between hardware and software.

This camp is perfect for students with experience in graphical coding, who are excited to take the next step in a supportive environment.

What students will learn

  • Introduction to text based code – How typed code differs from a graphical coding interface such as MIT’s Scratch, along with a comparison of the key similarities.
  • New Python Functions – An exploration of multiple Python functions and how they can be used to help us solve problems.
  • Sequencing and Compartmentalising code – We string together multiple Python functions to solve problems along with creating custom functions of our own to streamline our code.

What Students Take Home

  • A signed Think Camp certificate
  • A solid foundation in an important coding language
  • New tech skills
  • New approaches to problem solving

What Camp Includes

  • Two passionate, professional instructors per camp
  • Small class sizes (16 – 24 students)
  • 1 computer per student
  • Friendly, supportive environment
  • Outdoor breaks and activities

Camp Requirements

  • Prior coding experience in a graphical or text-based coding language is essential (e.g. Scratch, Hopscotch, Robotics, etc.)
  • Comfortable use of keyboard for typing
  • Must be be in Grade 5 – 8 and should be able to cope at academic grade level
  • Own lunch and snacks

About the day

Drop Off: Rolling drop-off occurs from 7:30am to 8:00am. Students who arrive during this time can explore “unplugged” games and activities.

Day Start: At 8:00am sharp the day starts with a bang. Introductions are made and an overview of the day is given.

Core Learning Periods: Four core learning periods, each between one and two hours, make up the bulk of the day. Short whole group instruction periods are followed by carefully constructed challenges, projects and competitions – depending on the nature of the camp.

Breaks: Two outdoor break periods are held at 10:00am and 12:15pm.

Off screen learning: Screen-time is interspersed with short group activities which promote critical thinking and teamwork.

End of the day: At 3:00pm all parents are encouraged to attend the certificate ceremony. The instructors give a short presentation of the day and certificates are handed out. Thereafter, students have time to show their parents the awesome work they have done. At 3:30pm, the camp officially draws to a close and all students must be collected.

Camp Dates and Venues

2020 Dates
Coming Soon