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Jet fuel for your Child’s
Cognitive Development

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RocketHour is not another online class, it’s a catalyst.

Here’s why

What is RocketHour?

RocketHour is an online, once-a-week class
that helps kids & teens learn to code.


Students log on to our platform at a fixed time each week where they work through a careful selection of problems with the constant support of their RocketHour tutor.

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Words from Delighted Parents

RocketHour Tracks

Pre-Beginner Track

For younger students with no prior coding experience.

Not 100% sure about whether you can really be a top class coder? Need a little support before starting off our Beginner Track? No worries, we gotcha covered! This short track will give you a serious confidence injection and leave you knowing that you are definitely cut out for this gig.

Beginner Track

For younger students or those with minimal prior coding experience.

So you wanna be a coder, do ya? Get the low down on loops, sprites, if-statements and
all the other bits ‘n bobs that allow you to start building games & apps. This track takes you step by step through the basics, turning you into a coding ninja.

Intermediate Track

For slightly older students or those displaying an aptitude for code.

Great, so you think you know a thing or two about code? Let’s find out! This course super-charges your coding superpowers, taking you to the next level. We’ll learn all the regular jazz and then launch into coding apps and games in new languages. Time to become a well-rounded coding superstar.

Advanced Track

For older students with existing coding experience or a very strong aptitude for code.

“Booooor-ing,” I hear you say. So you want a challenge, do ya buster? Ok, buckle up, this trip’s gonna get ROUGH! Let’s explore the basics and then dive deep into text-based languages. We’ll take the lid off the engine and get you used to building programs with multiple variables, advanced conditional logic and ideas so deep they’ll blow your socks off.

Learn with Popular Industry Tools

We teach our students universal coding and logic concepts that can be applied to any programming language.

Our Passion Guarantee

Kids LOVE RocketHour.

That there is a true fact!

And we don’t just say that. We GUARANTEE it. Literally.

After your first month of the RocketHour programme, if your kid is lukewarm, unsure or apathetic, we give you your money back. No questions*.

*Terms and Conditions: There are no terms and conditions. We seriously mean this!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your tutors?

Our tutors are all young South African guys and gals. Each and everyone of them comes to us with a gift for inspiring kids and teens AND an excellent knowledge of code. Before running a class on their own, they each complete a 8 – 10 week training bootcamp that transforms them into teaching ninjas.

How does payment work?

There are 40 RocketHour lessons over the course of each year. There are 12 break weeks during this period during which there are NO RocketHour classes. Monthly payments are made over 11 months of the year (No payment is made in December).

Some months will have more lessons and some months will have fewer lessons (ranging from 3 to 5) but you ALWAYS get 40 lessons over the course of the year.

And most importantly, YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANYTIME FOR ANY REASON! We rely on a brilliant product to make our money, not dodgy, predatory pricing practices.

P.S. We use Payfast as our chosen payment gateway (the same payment gateway used by Takealot, and CLM Home).

What equipment will we need?

I am so glad you asked this question!

We don’t need anything state of the art BUT at a minimum you will need a FAST and RESPONSIVE desktop or laptop computer. You should not have to wait an age and a day for a webpage to load. You will also need a pair of headphones, a microphone and an external mouse.

Finally you will need a RELIABLE internet connection – we suggest a minimum of 10mbps download and upload speed.

What timeslot can we pick?

Our classes run at 3:00pm, 4:15pm and 5:30pm (SAST) Monday to Thursday. However, we will only be able to give you an exact selection of timeslots after you have completed a Free Starter Session. This is because we assess every child and place them in a RocketHour track suitable for their analytical ability.

What coding languages do you teach?

Our philosophy is to teach Code and Logic, not a specific coding language. There are, of course, thousands of different languages with some languages being better for some tasks than others. However, we want RocketHour students to understand the principles that underly all coding languages allowing them to develop into flexible, intelligent coders.

Of course, we must work with specific languages to teach these foundational principles. We have therefore spent thousands of hours selecting languages based on their ability to EDUCATE.

We work primarily with MIT’s Scratch, LiveCode and Python (via the REPLIT platform).

Will my kid will enjoy RocketHour?

Yes! In fact, we GUARENTEE it. We have a Passion Guarantee. If your child does not LOVE RocketHour after the first month, we will give you your money back. No questions!

What if my kid does code at school?

That is great. RocketHour will stretch them further than any school ever could. Our students quickly become the best coders in their school classes. Advanced students also love RocketHour because our programme is built to always provide challenge. Win-win!

Will we get a certificate?

Absoloodle! Every RocketHour year is divided into 4 Checkpoint Periods consisting of approximately 10 lessons each. At the end of every Checkpoint Period, parents will receive a stylish certificate along with a report on their child’s Checkpoint Project.

Do parents get feedback?

Affirmative. The morning after every lesson, parents receive detailed feedback via WhatsApp. This ain’t no generic plug and run comment. No, parents will immediately notice that our tutors REALLY know their kid. We give parents progress reports for the lesson and provide a personalized recommendation on what activities students should try before the next lesson.

Where are you based?

We work with kids from all over the world. However, our core team is proudly based in Cape Town, South Africa. If you ever swing by, give us a shout!

What's your story?

While taking a sabbatical from school teaching, our founders, John and Caitlin Naiker traveled around Europe. While exploring a remote island off the coast of Donegal, Ireland, they came across a group of glum school children. How could kids be so bored amidst all this beauty?

After striking up some conversations – they found the problem. The kids had been sent to learn Gaelic – a dying language only spoken in the most remote of locations. However, despite a huge governmental drive to revive the dying language, the kids had their own opinions. “Why learn something that will never help me in the future?” said one youth.

With this insight, the John and Caitlin went on to investigate what kids REALLY wanted to learn. What were kids REALLY passionate about?

‘Technology,’ was the answer!

For the past 7 years they have been researching, learning and applying all of their teaching skills creating world class technology programmes through Think Camp. Their work has brought them in contact with over 3000 students in over 10 different countries. They now lead a team of 21 awesome individuals who all together make Think Camp the best in the business!