Rocket Hour: Taster Course

3 – 9
1 hr main lesson, with up to 1 hr self-paced extension
4 lessons over 4 weeks
February 2021
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This 4-lesson taster gives parents and students a sense of what the full Rocket Hour experience is like. In this course we will introduce Scratch, a simple but powerful coding interface. Scratch is universally accepted as the best introductory coding language for children. Even Harvard University uses it for their first year computer science students.

What will my child learn?

Rocket Hour Rhythm

Learn how the Rocket Hour system works and meet one of the dedicated Rocket Hour tutors. Find your way around the Scratch platform and overcome some of the mighty Rocket Hour challenges.

Basic Coding

We introduce important coding principles, such as if-statements, loops and sequencing. We apply these concepts to a variety of challenges, games and mini-activities.

Basic Design

Learn how to design simple characters using the powerful vector-design interface built into Scratch.

How does a Rocket Hour course work?

Initial Assessment

All potential students start with a one-on-one assessment with a Rocket Hour instructor. We assess existing coding knowledge (if any) and computer skills and help you pick the perfectly-paced course for your child. This way, all our students feel suitably challenged and are assigned to groups with like-minded peers.

Weekly Lesson

Students log-on to our remote platform 15 minutes before the lesson. At the scheduled start time, the tutor connects to them via a remote support system and does a check-in followed by a brief explanation of the day's challenges. Students then work at their own pace through the exciting projects and challenges set out for them.

Weekly Extension

After the lesson ends, students have access the the weekly extension: a mini-project or puzzle that relates to the lesson. Students go through the extension in their own time over the course of the week, submitting it for review before their next lesson. Extensions are both fun and optional and should never become a chore.

Flexible Scheduling

As your child's afternoon schedule changes from term to term, you are welcome to reschedule your weekly Rocket Hour lesson slot if there is alternative. In addition to this, should your afternoon schedule become too busy, you may cancel your Rocket Hour subscription at any point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with kids from Grade 3 to Grade 9?

At this stage, yes. Please sign up to our mailing list and we will let you know when we accept older or younger kids onto the programme.

Am I locked in for the full duration?

For our full courses, you may cancel at any time. However, we strongly recommend committing to the full 36 lesson duration of the course to receive maximum benefit.

We hope that this 4-week taster course will convince you to sign up for a full 36-week course.

How does payment work?

The course fee for the Taster Course is a once off fee made with a debit or credit card via PayFast, a secure online payment gateway.

What if my child has already done Scratch at school?

Excellent, this experience will help them. However, we also run an initial assessment with all participants to help them find the best track and all coding experience will be to their credit.

Can I come on a different day next week?

If there is another time slot available, we will try and accommodate you.